Welcome to the website of vzw Firbolg,
the Belgian association of Uilleann Pipers.

Looking for a piper??


If you want to hear the uilleann pipes live, you can look for concerts of the following folkbands in which one of our pipers participates:


Shantalla (Michael Horgan) http://www.shantallamusic.com/

Griff (Raphaël De Cock) http://www.griff.be

Moragh (Marnix Polfliet) http://www.moragh.be

Uilleann Harp (Henk Coudenys) http://www.henkcoudenys.be

Up De Norzh (Gérald Ryckeboer) http://ryckeboerg.free.fr/GEGE/GERALD.HTM

Hainaut Ceili Band (Gérald Ryckeboer) http://www.fabricedegraef.com

Roan Celts (Jean-Pierre Rooms)


The following pipers can be booked for solo-concerts.


Gérald Ryckeboer -

Patrick Jacob -

Henk Coudenys -