Welcome to Firbolg, the association of uilleann pipers in Belgium

Our annual Tionol

Literally, a Tionol is ‘a gathering of pipers’. In the 21stcentury though the name Tionol is mainly used for a day or a weekend of workshops, when a master uilleann piper comes to hand over his skills to less experienced pipers.

The annual Belgian Tionol is a residential weekend, mostly somewhere in the Belgian Ardens, a weekend full of workshops, lots of music, a good atmosphere and always with a great guest piper giving a recital on Saturday night.

Invitation Tionol 2023

21st Belgian Tionol, 21-23 April 2023 , Modave, Belgium

Guest Pipers:

Leonard Barry & Michael Boere

The first time we met Leonard Barry was in 2014, while he was on a promotion tour for his New Road CD, supported by a fine bunch of other top musicians, including Dervish ’singer Cathy Jordan. We booked him for a one day tionol in 2015 and in 2016 he was guest piper and teacher on our annual residential tionol. Both times he proved to be a great teacher and a very fine traditionally skilled uilleann piper. When we met again, in November 2022, he was touring with Daoiri Farrell. Leonard is a professional, always on the road, and if at home for some time, working on new recordings. His latest CD may be finished at the time of our tionol. We’re glad to welcome him back in Belgium.

For the 2023 residential tionol, we decided it wouldn’t be an extravagant luxury but rather a necessity to have an additiona lteacher, to be able to split the group according to the different levels of the participating pipers. Michael Boere was honoured to step in this vacancy. Born in the Netherlands but living in Flanders, Michael is one of us and a very fine young piper indeed, composing tunes and playing the uilleann pipes in two promising bands with the illustrious names  ‘Sanseveria’ and ‘Four of a kind’, the latter being a trio.

Leonard on Youtube:




and on Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/leonard.barry.3

Michael on Youtube and Face Book:


and on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/michael.boere.7

Practical information & Registration

When: From Friday, April 21 (20 pm) till Sunday, April 23 (14h pm) 2023

Where: CENTRE ''LES CENTFONTAINES'' Rue du Centre 20, 4577 Modave, Belgium

(www.lescentfontaines.be) 16 km south of Huy.

Cost: Pipers: 195 €, all in

Partners and children (and other additional guests): 95 €


Friday: arrival from 7 pm onwards + session from 8 pm till bedtime

Saturday: 8.00 am - 8.45 am: Breakfast

                  9.30 am – 12: Workshop Uilleann Pipes

                      Group 1: Leonard; Group 2: Michael


                 2 pm – 4.30pm: Workshop Uilleann Pipes

                       Group 1: Michael;  Group 2 Leonard

                 6 pm: Dinner

                 8 pm.: solo concerts guest pipers + jamsession

Sunday: 8.00 am - 8.45 am: Breakfast

               9.30 am – 12:  Workshop Uilleann Pipes or free practice

               12.30: Lunch

                2 pm: pictures + departure

Beginners lessons:

Unexperienced pipers are also welcome on our weekend. They can get suitable lessons from one of the organisers, dependant on their level.

Practical details:

Registration on before is necessary; payment in advance is preferred. Places are limited to maximum 20 participating pipers!

Vegetarian meals can be obtained, but have to be ordered at least one week in advance.

Bring your own sheets, towels, soap and shampoo.

(reservation of sheets is no longer possible!)

Drinks are not included in the price and will have to be paid separately on Sundays, before departure


Modave is close to the E42, exit Huy. Your navigation system knows the way.



Please pay in advance on account BE183770 9286 0965 (bic:BBRUBEBB) of

Peter van Riel, Firbolg, Joos van den Steenelei 67, 2100 Deurne, Antwerpen, Belgium

Belgian Tionols in the past

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2. 2001Borzée, Mick O’Brien
3. 2002 Borzée, Kevin Rowsome
4. 2003 Borzée, Brian McNamara
5. 2004 Borzée, Mickie Smyth
6.2005 Borzée, Séamus Ó Rócháin
7. 2006 Borzée, Tommy Keane
8. 2007 Borzée, Martin Nolan
9. 2008 Borzée, David Power
10. 2009 Borzée, Tiarnán Ó Duinnchin
11. 2010 Belvaux, Emmet Gill
12. 2011 Belvaux, Jimmy O’Brian-Moran
13. 2012 Belvaux, Ronan Browne
14. 2013 Belvaux, Michael Blacky O’Connell
15. 2015 Nevele, Fergus Finnegan
16. 2016 Wepion, Leonard Barry
17. 2017 Modave, Máire NiGhráda
18. 2018 Modave, Diarmaid Moynihan
19. 2019 Modave, Paddy Keenan
20. 2022 Modave, Connor Mallon